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HEY THERE, Boss Chic!

I'm Lakishia Sheray, the one who is going to keep you accountable, tell you like it is, and drive you toward results.

I'm just a girl from the Middle of Nowhere, Eastern Shore of Virginia. I always knew I had a big purpose for my life... but there were many obstacles I had to overcome. 

I wanted to accomplish a lot in life, but I found myself in a position that I couldn't believe. I was a senior in high school and pregnant. When I graduated, I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my son. College put on hold...Career goals put on hold...destiny put on I thought. I found myself having to receive welfare, something I said I would never do. 

 Every day I was determined with hope through God. I had to believe in myself for my son and two daughters (over a span of almost 6). I knew I it would be hard, but I had to keep moving forward.


I eventually earned three degrees (Associates, Bachelors, and Masters) in under 5 years, and another Masters a few years later. After making many mistakes and getting out of a toxic relationship, I am now a six figure earner (I see 7-figures in my near future), my life has skyrocketed, and I love coaching others to success. 

And now I'm here to help you do the same.

Never without

My lip balm + Smile

favorite Book Genre

Psych Thriller + Personal Development

fun activity I enjoy

Skating or bike riding

Love/hate Relationship


Morning or Night owl

Very early morning person

A few things I beleive

Having a great life begins with having a great day. Each day counts.

A few things I beleive

The universe won't task you with things you aren't equipped to handle.



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